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Rank Math is a revolutionary WordPress SEO plugin. In less than 2 years, Rank Math could steal the hearts of many SEO experts. Rank Math has  all the  necessary and important stuff needed for on-page SEO, 100% Free.


  • Very Lightweight
  • Super easy to use
  • Schema Markup
  • Multiple Keywords
  • 100% FREE


  • Some SEO plugins still don’t support Rank Math, so if you try to migrate to any other SEO plugin, you can’t export your data to them.

This is the last review that you need to read about Rank Math SEO plugin aka The Swiss Army Knife of WordPress SEO.

Since you’re here, you might have heard about other SEO plugins or at least using one of them. How much do you pay for your SEO plugins a year?  As unreal as it looks, I will show you how to save all that money by using only one plugin and invest your money on other projects of your business.

There are many other SEO plugins out there, e.g. Yoast SEO plugin is the most popular one of them with being active on more than 5 million+ websites. But is it worth $89 a year for only 1 website? (I don’t want to compare Rank Math with Yoast SEO free, because the winner is obvious, instead I will challenge Yoast SEO Premium)

You will know that for yourself if you read till the end.

Here I will show you:

  • Awesome features of Rank Math
  • Why should you choose Rank Math
  • Why most of novice and pro bloggers and business owners stopped using Yoast SEO, AIO SEO, and some other premium SEO plugins and started using Rank Math
  • Why is Rank Math called The Swiss Army Knife of WordPress SEO
Rank Math SEO

What is Rank Math SEO?

You probably know what SEO is, right? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s divided into two major parts: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

Rank Math was created by MyThemeShop on Nov 19, 2018. Rank Math is an SEO plugin that can help you optimize your content to get higher rankings on search engines like Google. Rank Math will show you what you exactly need to do with your on-page SEO to get better chances of ranking higher on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

Obviously Rank Math can’t just promise you the top position of the SERPs if you don’t have good content or don’t do off-page SEO. Because SEO is a game that changes every day. It’s a game of strategies.

MyThemeShop, the team behind Rank Math, calls this plugin The Swiss Army Knife of WordPress SEO, and as you read this article, you will understand better why they are absolutely right.

At the moment, Rank Math has over 400,000+ active installations and about 4.9 stars rating from WordPress users’ reviews. You can check it out here.

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Rank Math Plugin Features List:

Rank Math has way too many features and can save you from too much headache.

Here is the list:

  • Easy to import data from other SEO plugins (Done with only a few clicks)
Rank Math – Import SEO Settings
  • Rich snippets integrated
  • Optimize for Unlimited Keywords (5 by default, but you can change that to unlimited or any number you want using this filter)
  • Google Search Console integration
  • Keyword Tracking
Track Keywords with Rank Math
  • LSI Keyword Tool (Suggests multiple Keywords, related to your focus Keyword to get more traffic)
  • Amazing Site Audit Tool (To analyze your whole site)
  • .htaccess editor
  • Robots.txt editor
  • Breadcrumbs
  • 404 Monitor (Check out how many times did your users click the deleted links or couldn’t find what they were looking for)
  • Redirections Manager (Don’t need to use an extra plugin for this)
  • Role Manager (Best if your site has multiple users)
  • Super Lightweight (Some SEO plugins will slow down your website)
  • XML Sitemap (Clean and fast loading sitemap that Google will love to read)
  • Clean, fast and beautiful interface
  • Automated Image SEO
  • Bulk Edit Titles and Descriptions
  • Add nofollow to all external links
  • And much more…
Rank Math’s Dashboard

Benefits of using Rank Math:

As you can see, Rank Math offers a huge amount of options and features. Here I will show you the benefits and integration of Rank Math with other plugins.

  • Quality Code: Rank Math is created and designed with all WordPress standards in mind. Its code quality doesn’t slow down your website, nor does it have any conflicts with the standard WordPress themes and plugins.
Rank Math SEO Performance
  • Social Media Optimization: You can easily see how your article looks on Facebook and Twitter, add overlay icons on social images, set default open graph thumbnail, set auto Facebook open graph, and set auto Twitter Meta cards.
  • Elementor integration: With Rank Math, you don’t need to run back and forth to optimize an article created with the popular Elementor page builder. You can easily configure your page’s SEO directly from your front-end Elementor dashboard.
  • Internal Link Suggestions: Just like an AI, Rank Math can suggest you link to the related posts on your website to increase page views and get a better chance of higher rankings.
  • Module Based System: This is how it’s done, activate the features or modules you need to use and deactivate others. This can save you some storage and reduce page load times.
  • SEO Analysis: With only one click, you can see what you can do to optimize your website for better rankings. The SEO Audit too will exactly show you which tests did your site pass and which test it didn’t, and the good thing is, it will show you how to easily fix them.
  • Schema Markup: You don’t need a third-party plugin to add snippets for you, Rank Math does it all. Rank Math has 14 different types of Schema to make your content rich and stand out the competition.
  • Image Optimization: Rank Math automatically adds missing ALT attributes to your media files. Even if you already have too many images without ALT attributes, Rank Math will easily add them by activating Add missing ALT attributes in the settings.
  • Last but not least: Rank Math is 100% free, as of now. According to what Rank Math’s support says, Rank Math will have a pro version, but all these features will always remain free. Amazing, right?

Rank Math’s Settings

As I mentioned before, Rank Math has a wide range of settings and options. I’m not going for an in-depth review of Rank Math’s settings, instead, I’ll just show you how to get started with Rank Math.

If you already have an SEO plugin active on your site, Rank Math will automatically detect it and will give you the option to import all the data from the other plugin in just a few clicks.

Here is how to get started:

Go to your WordPress Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New >> Search for Rank Math >> Install and Activate it.

Rank Math will directly get you to the Setup Wizard.

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Here is how it will look like:

Rank Math’s Wizard

You must create a free account or just sign up with your Gmail or Facebook account to get started.

Here I will go for advanced mode, you can choose the easy mode if you want to, but still, the advanced mode isn’t much hard even if you’re a beginner. Click Start Wizard now.

Now you just need to add what your website is about, add your logo, and social share image. That’s it, you’re good to click Save and Continue.

Here you just need to connect your Google Search Console with Rank Math, to track your keywords and visitors. If you haven’t created a Google Search Console account, we recommend doing it as soon as you can. If you don’t know how to create one, check here. And here are some tips if you’re a total beginner to Google Search Console.

I’m sure you’re good to go to the next step. Click Save and Continue.

This is the fourth step and we’re almost done. Here you just need to activate the sitemap for your site. Just in case you don’t know what an XML sitemap is, it’s list of your site’s pages for crawlers such as search engines. We recommend you to deactivate any other sitemap generator plugin, if you’re using one, and use Rank Math’s sitemap. It can save some space for you.

In this step just choose which types of your pages or posts should be included in the sitemap. You can access the sitemap of your website by easily adding “/sitemap_index.xml” to the end of your URL.

I guess were done here, now click Save and Continue.

In this step, the first option is Noindex empty category and tag archives, which means that the empty categories and tags will not be indexed to Google, which I highly recommend. They will automatically be indexed as soon as a post is added.

The second option is to Nofollow external links. This one is more complicated if you’re a total beginner. You can read about dofollow and nofollow links here.

And the third option is Open External links in new windows. You don’t want your visitors to jump off your website somewhere else, right? If YES, just activate this option.

You’re good to go and click Save and Continue.

It really was easy, right? You should be good for now. You can go back to your dashboard or configure the advanced options too.

There are only 4 modules that you can activate from there: Role Manager, 404, Redirections, and Schema Markup. You can activate anything you want with just a click. I highly recommend leaving the Schema Markup settings to what they are by default unless you know what you’re doing.

That’s it for the Wizard. You should be good to optimize your content now.

Pros & Cons of Rank Math


  • Very Lightweight: Rank Math has a wide range of options and modules, but thanks to its coding quality that makes it very lightweight and fast to load.
  • Super Easy-to-Use: Doesn’t matter even if you’re a total beginner, Rank Math is for everyone.
  • Schema Markup: You don’t need to add another plugin, Rank Math does the job.
  • Optimization for Multiple Keywords: Rank Math lets you optimize your article for 5 keywords on default, you can change that to unlimited keywords if you want to.
  • Redirections: You also don’t need a plugin to set up redirections for your website.


  • Some SEO plugins still don’t support Rank Math, so if you try to migrate to any other SEO plugin, you can’t export your data to them.

How Much Money and Space Can You Save with Rank Math?

Ok, at first I said if Yoast SEO was worth $89 for a year, right? The answer is obvious.

Let’s see how much can you save with Rank Math.

  • Yoast SEO Premium: $89 per year for only 1 website = 1 Plugin
  • Schema Pro: $79 per year = 1 Plugin
  • Advanced Site Audit: About $100
  • Local SEO: $69 per year for only 1 website = 1 Plugin
  • 404 Monitor & Redirections = 1 Plugin
  • WooCommerce SEO: $69 per year for only 1 website = 1 Plugin

That should be enough I guess. To be exact, you can save $406 each year by using Rank Math. And as you can see, Rank Math, The Swiss Army Knife of WordPress SEO, can individually do the job of 5 plugins.

Why did some Pro bloggers migrate to Rank Math?

I’ll make it simple for you.

If something is free, it doesn’t mean that it’s worthless or scam. Before you judge, try reading more about it, which most people don’t. You should know that by now.

Why should you pay hundreds of dollars if you can get them all for free? (Even more than that actually)

Even if Rank Math was premium, I’m sure it would be worth every single penny.

So it’s obvious why pro migrate to Rank Math.

They can save both money and use fewer plugins which can boost load times by using only Rank Math SEO.


And finally support. Rank Math’s support team offers more than just a free plugin.

Their support is very fast and as they put it, “We provide support as if we were asking for it. Our team is available round the clock to help”.

Rank Math also has a Facebook group with over 24K members. You can ask almost anything about SEO, Rank Math, or even blogging, and they are ready to answer it.

You can join the Facebook group from here.


Rank Math is a revolutionary SEO plugin. In less than 2 years, Rank Math could steal the hearts of many SEO experts. With its clean, lightweight, user-friendly interface and the wide range of options and modules that make Rank Math the unbeatable WordPress SEO plugin.

Rank Math has all the necessary and important stuff need for on-page SEO, 100% free.

We highly recommend using Rank Math instead of bloating your website with too many plugins and tools. Rank Math can easily do all the stuff with just a few clicks.

You can easily download Rank Math from here.

I hope you liked our Rank Math SEO review.

What SEO plugin are you using right now? Are you planning to migrate to Rank Math? Please share it with us in the comments below. If you have used Rank Math, you can also leave a review.

Disclaimer: This was a 100% honest review about Rank Math. We are neither associated nor partnered with Rank Math in any way. It’s all our personal opinion about Rank Math SEO plugin.