Divi Theme Review (2020) – Super Multi-Purpose!

Divi Theme Review $89
  • Speed
  • Code Quality
  • Support
  • Picing
  • Customizability


The Divi theme is by profession a multipurpose WordPress theme with a promise that will enable you to build any type of website you want. The Divi theme has a very nice and clear coding and it also has some basic SEO features that will help your website rank better on Google.


  • Super customizability
  • Good Performance
  • High Code Quality


  • Pricy
  • Demos will slow down your website
  • Takes time to learn using it

Nice to have you here in our Divi Theme Review! In this article, we will challenge this modern multipurpose WordPress theme by checking its features, testing its speed, analyzing its SEO, giving you an overall idea about it and leaving you with an easy to make decision about Divi theme.

First things first: Divi theme is, with no doubt, the biggest multipurpose WordPress theme and its builder – Divi Builder – is the most functional page builder with enormous elements and options more than all other page builders combined.

Moreover, Divi theme, with all its complexity is amazingly beginner friendly. However, for a starter the tons of options available in each part of creating new content can be frustrating, but the nice effect of those options will relieve the fatigue.

Plus, it is necessary to mention that Divi theme and Divi Builder are completely two different things (most people think of them as one). Divi theme is more like a framework to the Divi Builder. (We will get to this at the moment)

Now let’s give some basic information about Divi theme:

About Divi Theme

Divi theme is for many as the most popular premium multipurpose WordPress theme. Since its release in 2013, Divi theme has made more than 680,000 sales and users worldwide (Bestselling premium theme of all time).

Divi theme comes with amazing designs, tons of features and options, Divi Builder, excellent customizability and functionality that makes it suitable for designing any type of website.

Let’s stick to this for a moment: there are many multipurpose themes available, then how is Divi theme different?

In fact, Divi theme doesn’t come with a dedicated design – the theme has some demos but really doesn’t concentrate on them – the feature Divi theme focuses is to be able to design anything.

Having SEO in mind, Elegant Themes has built Divi theme fully SEO friendly. Plus, for more guides to their users, they have made an article about how to make strong SEO foundations using Divi theme.

Divi theme is also great in speed. For the most of websites built with Divi theme load in less than 1 second and are given Grade A by Pingdom and GTMetrix.

As expected, Divi theme is compatible with most of popular WordPress plugins including WooCommerce and Yoast.

About Divi Builder

Divi Builder is the default builder for Divi theme, also the builder with which Divi theme is designed. By a majority vote, Divi Builder is the most advanced page builder in the world.

Divi Builder has tons of options and features that enables you to customize your site as much as you want.

However, you should know that you don’t need to use the Divi theme in order to use Divi Builder. In fact, you can use Divi Builder with any theme such as Avada theme or Astra theme.

Even if you have a ready website with a lovely theme you can use Divi Builder with your theme and start to design more amazing posts.

In near future, we will have a full review of Divi Builder and we will discuss its functionality with pros and cons in detail, but now let’s get back to Divi theme.

Divi Theme Features:

  • Beautiful designs and layouts
  • Fully Responsive
  • Excellently SEO Optimized
  • RTL Support
  • More than 40 Website Elements
  • More than 100 Website Packs
  • Hover State Styling
  • Texts and Fonts Styling
  • Border Options to any Element
  • Drop shadows to any Text or image
  • Animations to all Elements
  • Find and Replace Style
  • Extendable Styles
  • Email Opt-in Provider Support
  • Easy Contact Form Building

Plus, Elegant Themes also has an article with title of 25 hidden Divi theme features that describes some mostly forgotten but lovely features.

One thing I really love about Elegant Themes is how they care about their customers and want their customers to take the most out of their products.

Now enough with the preliminaries, let’s see what is inside Divi theme full package.

What does Divi Theme Full Package come with?

Divi theme, unlike other themes, is not sold separately. Instead, for having access to Divi theme you need to buy Elegant Theme’s membership.

If you decide to buy Elegant Theme’s membership you will have two pricing options. One is lifetime access for a one-time payment of $249 and the other is yearly access for a payment of $89 per year.

Once you buy Elegant Theme’s membership you will not only have access to Divi theme but also to all other Elegant Theme products including: Extra theme, Bloom and Monarch Plugins.

Getting Started with Divi Theme

The installation and activation of Divi theme is pretty straight forward. There are no required plugins to be installed and Divi Builder will be installed automatically with theme.

You can also activate your desired plugins; they will not interact with Divi theme.

Once you activated Divi theme this is how your site will look like.

Getting Started with Divi

While trying to figure out how to design your new site, it is always a good idea to take a look into ready to use demos.

Divi theme has more than 100 website packs, and sone of them might be in the niche you want to build your website about then you can use that one and just edit parts you don’t love.

Creating Your New Site with Divi Theme

As stated above, Divi theme has tons of options and getting started with it may be a little difficult. So, in this part we will have a step by step guide on how to create a new page with Divi theme.

The first thing you need is to create your first page. As usual, go to the Page section of your WordPress Dashboard and click on Add New.

Once the loading finishes it will open the usual default WordPress editor. But, you will also have the option to edit with Divi Builder just click on the purple button which says “Use Divi Builder”.

If it is your first time that you want to use Divi theme you will be asked if you want to take a tour.

You can take the tour or pass it but after that when you want to start to create your new page you will have 3 options.

You can’t use the CLONE EXISTING PAGE because you don’t have an existing page if it is your first page.

Exploring the CHOOSE A PRE-MADE LAYOUT is a good idea it can really ease your work and give you an idea about the design of your site.

If click on this button a new page will open with a total of 1246 premade layouts.

You can scroll down among the pre-made layouts or you can use the search bar to search for a specific niche and limit the options.

If you choose any of the pre-made layouts, you can click on it then you can view its live demo, and then if you loved it you can use it.

Finally, the BUILD FROM SCRATCH option is always there for you. Once you click it, you will be given a blank page with Divi Builder as your tool to create your unique new content.

In using Divi Builder you should know three main Elements: Sections, Rows and Modules. Sections are as parent category, Rows are parts of Sections and Modules are the element inside a Row.

You can add new Section by clicking on Blue button with a cross inside it and add new Rows by clicking the green button with cross inside it.

You can also edit and customize design of any element by clicking the settings button.

Overall, it is really lovely how easily you can edit, customize and create professionally new content with Divi theme.

Another good point is there are many article and videos online about this theme, so that if you face any problem you can easily check them and solve your problem.

Divi Theme Options

A multipurpose theme is known from its theme options; it should have a ton of theme options so that it can be used to create any type of website. Having this in mind, Elegant Themes made a comprehensive theme options panel for the Divi theme.

The Divi theme’s theme options are divided into 8 main categories including General, Navigation, Builder, Layout, Ads, SEO, Integration, and Update.

Divi theme has a very complete set of theme options which will enable you to easily edit and customize your content.

Some exciting Divi theme options (excluding basics like: header, footer, blog …)

  • Date Format (Easily edit how your Date is displayed in posts)
  • Disable Translations (if you don’t want to display translated theme strings on your site)
  • Ads Section (Pre-prepared ads placement section)
  • Version Rollback (you can switch to previous version if an update comes and you don’t love it)
  • Google API Key
  • Enqueue Google Maps Script
  • Enable Header, Body Code

Divi Theme Speed Tests

Google‘s update in July 2016 made a major point – your site needs to be fast – not only for desktops but also for mobile devices.

Speed is one of the most important factors everyone should consider while choosing a theme. Of course running and installing plugins will help but the coding quality of a theme is still very important.

We installed and activated Divi theme on an empty site with a default Hello World post and ran some tests.

Divi Theme Speed Score by Pingdom!
Divi Theme Speed Score by GTMetrix!
Divi Theme Mobile Speed Score by Google PageSpeed Insights!
Divi Theme Desktop Speed Score by Google PageSpeed Insights!

The results are very good especially if you remember this is the ultimate multipurpose WordPress Divi theme.

Divi Theme SEO

Everyone wants to rank high in google, isn’t it? This is what we refer as SEO.

SEO is not only part of a theme or plugin it is more about content, content uniqueness, content quality, and many more factors google care about.

But, the coding quality and features of a theme will definitely have impact on SEO.

The Divi theme has a very nice and clear coding and it also has some basic SEO features that will help your website rank better in google searches.

But again it is necessary to remind you that SEO needs a strategy, theme and plugins are just tools that will pave the way for applying that strategy.

Divi Theme SEO Features:

Divi theme comes with a SEO options part which indicates their care about SEO.

  • Enable Custom Title
  • Enable Meta Description
  • Enable Meta Keywords
  • Enable Canonical URL’s

Divi Theme – Summary

Divi theme is by profession a multipurpose WordPress theme with a promise that will enable you to build any type of website you want.

Divi theme comes with the ultimate WordPress page builder – Divi Builder – which is the most advanced page builder in the world.

Divi theme is fully responsive and mobile friendly and the theme is compatible with most of popular WordPress plugins including WooCommerce.

Although the Divi theme is a multipurpose theme it has good speed and this good speed will also affect SEO in a good way.

Divi theme has some basic SEO options that will do good for SEO. Plus, the clear and nice coding behind the theme will make search engines love your site.

Editors Idea about Divi Theme:

I personally love Divi theme, it has great features and options, good speed and SEO and the ultimate WordPress Builder – Divi Builder.

The only problem is with the pricing. You can’t buy Divi theme alone instead you need to buy Elegant Themes membership and with that you will have access to Divi theme and all of their products.

For buying membership you have two pricing options: One is a lifetime access for a one-time payment of $249 and other is a yearly access for a payment of $89 per year.

So, if someone has no problem with the pricing, then the Divi theme is their choice.

However, if pricing is a problem then there are always alternatives: Astra Pro ReviewSociallyViral Theme Review