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Schema Theme Review $35
  • Speed
  • Code Quality
  • Support
  • Pricing
  • Customizability


Schema is without doubt the fastest WordPress theme in the market. It has great code quality and can offer more than what you can ever ask for.

Some call it very simple, but I can say it’s very clean. Schema can save you storage and satisfy your users with its clean and fast interface.


  • Super Fast
  • Well coded
  • Great support by MTS
  • Easy to use
  • Very Clean Design


  • No Front-end customizer
  • No fancy designs (It’s a Pro for me)

Are you looking for a super-fast loading WordPress theme? If yes, we will show you the last theme you might need for almost any kind of website, here in our Schema theme review.

Schema theme is not bloated with features you don’t need, and that’s where the magic happens, the SPEED.

Enough for the pep talk. I know you want to see what the Schema theme can really do, so let’s just dive into it.

What is Schema Theme?

Have you ever heard of MyThemeShop? I like to call MyThemeShop a WordPress club, because of their pricing range and policy. MyThemeShop is one of the largest WordPress clubs or theme markets with over 674,000+ users worldwide. They have a very competitive pricing range:

  • Any theme for 1 site will be around $35
  • Any theme with 3 site licenses will cost around $59
  • And for unlimited websites $77

Their pricing range is quite cheaper than what the average markets ask for.

Let’s dive into Schema Theme now.

Schema theme’s features

Schema is the Best and most popular theme created by MyThemeShop. It’s fast, coded very well and compatible with the most popular plugins out there.

Believe it or not, I couldn’t find any faster WordPress theme other than schema. Most creators would call their themes fast or lightweight, but upon having some content and design on your website, the load time increases so much that even with the best optimization practices, speeding them up can’t happen.

Schema theme is quite the opposite, it has the most important features in it (you can add more if you need to, but in most cases you don’t), and the good thing about it’s built in features and plugins is that they are all super lightweight.

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Here is a list of Schema theme’s features specs:

  • Super-fast and beautifully well coded
  • Rich snippets that Search Engines love
  • Simple and clean design (that’s what I love in a theme)
  • Breadcrumbs to address your users and visitors
  • Lightweight social sharing buttons
  • Built-in review system
  • Built-in AD management (can be very helpful if you’re using AdSense or any other AD network)
  • Compatible with Elementor and Gutenberg
  • 100% responsive and compatible with all browsers
  • Very easy to import demos
  • One of the best theme options panels in the market
  • Custom CSS support if you know what I mean
  • Translation and RTL ready
  • Short-codes
  • Off-canvas mobile menu
  • Google fonts included
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • And much more…

As you can see, the above list can help almost any blogger of almost any niche to achieve what they are looking for. Still, if you are looking to some other features, you can easily add them with a plugin or design for yourself with the Elementor page builder.

I know that most of new bloggers believe in very fancy designs and themes which are bloated with features they don’t need, this is an absolute mistake.

Brain Gardner, the founder of Studiopress, believes in something different. And it was him who inspired me into creating things the opposite of most peoples’ requirements or beliefs. As you can see, this website, ProCon Review is super clean and minimalistic.


I was talking about features and it might look like that Schema theme is very pricy with all these features, code quality, and speed, right? Absolutely not.

This is what I love about MyThemeShop, their pricing policy. All of MyThemeShop’s themes are priced identical. A license for 1 site will cost $35, for 3 sites $59 and $77 for unlimited sites.

They also have a membership which allows you to access all their themes and plugins as long as the plan is active. Their membership prices are $99 for 1 website, $197 for 3 websites and $420 for unlimited websites. It means that you can access and install all of MyThemeShop’s themes and plugins on whatever site you want.

Theme Support

It doesn’t matter what kind of product you purchase or if you’re a newbie or a pro, there always will be issues that you might want to ask the creators of the product.

I will make this easy for you. You can’t even find 1 unhappy customer of MyThemeShop. Their support is amazing and high quality. That’s all I have to say about their support. You can check out their testimonials and reviews here. Yup, that’s what legendary bloggers and pros say about MyThemeShop.

Getting Started with Schema

After you purchase the theme from MyThemeShop, you can then easily download the theme’s zip file from MyThemeShop’s members’ area. Once you download the files to your computer or any device you’re using, you can easily upload the theme by going to your WordPress Dashboard >> Appearance >> Themes >> Add New >> Upload >> Install >> Activate.

Very easy, right? I can feel the YES.

Now that you have activated the theme, your website should look something like this.

I’m sure that you can feel the calm while looking at the clean and beautiful design of the Schema theme. It looks like it has done all the work for you and you got nothing to do. It just feels like it.

Schema Lite VS Schema

I’m sure you love to see the Schema theme in action since you’re still with me. But still if you are not sure about the premium version, you can still check out the Schema Lite theme. It’s not the perfect free theme, but it’s still better than some of the premium themes out there.

Schema Lite is still blazing fast and well coded, but it just misses some important features. You just can’t expect to get the gold for free.

Main Features of Schema Lite:

  • Clean design
  • Off-canvas mobile menu
  • Still fast
  • Good for simple blogs
  • Quality code

Schema Lite should be one of your priority options if you’re looking for a free theme.

Schema Theme Options

MyThemeShop created this amazing options panel which comes with all their premium themes and the best thing about it is that it’s very easy to use.

As you can see in the General settings, you can easily upload logos, favicons, and even code to your header, and much more. You can easily turn on lazy loading for your images to help you boost your site’s performance and user satisfaction.

You can also use the Right-to-Left option of you have a website in Arabic, Persian or any other right-to-left language.

The options panel has dedicated performance settings which can save you from using extra plugins.

Here is the full list of all the options and settings in the Schema Options Panel:

  • General Settings
  • Performance Settings
  • Translation Settings
  • Styling Options
  • Header (Schema has 2 header designs)
  • Homepage (You can add a slider to your Homepage and create sections on your Homepage)
  • Footer (You can add widgets, change background and copyright test of your footer easily)
  • Single Posts (You can choose what to show on you your single posts such as Author box, related content, Date and more)
  • Social Buttons (Choose what networks you want your content to be shared on e.g. Facebook – Although the design of the share buttons is so simple, it can still help you get some shares and the buttons are very light)
  • Ad Management
  • Sidebars (Easily manage the widgets on your sidebars)
  • Typography (Change fonts super easily – Most themes don’t have all Google fonts, but Schema does)
  • Import or Export (easily import and export your theme options in just a few clicks)
  • You can also create a child theme in the Import/Export section of the options panel.
Theme Options
Single Post Options

Although the options panel looks excellent, still there are many who enjoy using the front-end customizer or any other front-end builder. MyThemeShop still did not create any front-end builder and they didn’t even integrate their themes with the WordPress customizer. Elementor can be used, but not as a theme editor because whenever you create them with Elementor, you have to start from scratch and that’s not the point to a front-end customizer.

Most people don’t care about it, I don’t too, but just to make sure I cover all the things here, I can say some people will just never go for the Schema theme or MyThemeShop just because of not have a front-end customizer.

Schema theme Speed Tests

Okay, so here we reach the best part about Schema. You might be wondering why I said that the Schema theme is not fast, right? Because it’s not just fast, Schema is super-fast. With the excellent code quality that it has, I can easily say that Schema really is the fastest WordPress theme in the market.

Pagespeed Desktop
Pagespeed Mobile
GTmetrix Test
Pingdom Speed Test

You can see that the fully load time of the Schema theme on Pingdom is 310 ms, which is faster than the TTFB of many popular themes.

We did these test on a completely blank website with only one sample post and a sample page. We just took an average load time of the theme after testing it a dozen of times.

Test results may vary as a result of server response time, Geo-location and type of the internet service.

Schema’s Code Quality

Are you creating excellent content, but Google can’t read it properly or your website might be loading slowly, so Google doesn’t invite your posts to the first page.

A low-quality code can’t process fast, right? And you saw that Schema loads in 310 ms? And you must know that Google considers the page load time, one of its major ranking factors, right?

Did you know that you have to pay at least $3000 to get a custom Hand-written markup for your website?

There you go, I’m sure you now have an idea, at least, about why you should choose the Schema theme.


Schema is without doubt the fastest WordPress theme in the market. It has great code quality and can offer more than you can ever ask for.

If set-up properly, it can help you achieve the first page of Google, with the Hand-written markup.

The Schema theme also has a built-in review system which can help you create beautiful and feature-rich reviews of almost anything. The options panel can make it possible for you to design and modify any pixel of your website in just a few minutes.

Editor’s Idea about Schema

I personally loved this theme and most importantly, the team behind such a great product. Schema is well coded and designed.

Some call it very simple, but I can say it’s very clean. Schema can save you storage and satisfy your users with its clean and fast interface.

Schema can be used on blogs, magazine websites, Ecommerce stores and much more.

Do I recommend the Schema WordPress Theme? The answer is quite simple, absolutely YES.

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What do you think about the Schema Theme? What theme are you using right now and what made you change your theme?

Share your story and drop a review for the Schema theme if you’d like to.

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